2024 xc60 9+% off! xc60loaner@16.8%offmsrp xc40recharge 15%off

which vehicle?

Any demos or loaners for XC90 that you’re trying to get fired for?

Try reading the post above…I posted one at over 16% off

XC90? I tried to find it, didn’t find.

haha bottom feeder special

Any XC60’s? Loaners?

I don’t beat my chest often but this feels worth it.

Customer walked in at 1803. Had them in their new Volvo at 1814. Signed out and delivered in about 10 minutes!

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SOLD to a hacker!

There is nothing to be proud of if this was not a LH customer :grin:

Dude, that’s like 11 years.


It was!!!

Bruh I get it. I’m in my 30s I feel old enough

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XC60 loaner SOLD
XC40 Recharge Sold

both to hackers!

XC90 recharge and an xc60 recharge sold to hackers!!!

Last 23 Recharges left!



Buck for fun factor on a LH lease its really hard to beat the C/XC40’s.

Any more XC60 loaners?

Just these 12% off


What are the deals for these vehicles? :eyes:

This is for either demo

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is there currently pull ahead available on volvos? if so how many months? thanks!