2024 Volvo XC90 B5 Plus

Good morning. I currently lease a 21 xc90 t5 momentum. $505/m tax inc for 36/10. Lease is up early 2024. I’ve been talking to dealers in my area for the past year and leases have been anywhere from $700-$900/m with money down. I talked to dealer yesterday where I leased my current car. They have a 24 b5 plus with HK for $562/m with 4k down plus first payment. MSRP $62,350 with $7500 in rebates. 24/10. This is the best deal I’ve found yet but I am new to this site and have been seeing some great deals pop up with a lot less money down. I’ve considered buying out my lease for 30k at the end, but nervous about the higher payment with second child on the way. Would love to stay in a Volvo as I love the car and the safety of it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


Do you have a printout from dealer to help decipher the deal? Can you break down the $7500 in rebates?

Have you considered a 24 month lease? It’s much better than the 36 on the XC-90.

Another thing to consider: Multiple security deposits. It’s an option to lower the rent charge on the lease via putting a refundable security deposit with VCFS, thus lowering your payments and you get it back at the end.

Finally, there are a couple brokers who serve your area on the forum, and I think they’d be able to beat this deal. Have you considered a broker, even if it meant shipping the car?

Hi! Thanks so much for your reply. I’m sorry I forgot to mention it is a 24 month lease with 10k miles per year.

I do not have the price breakdown. I had never heard of the multiple security deposits-is that something I inquire about with the dealer?

I would absolutely consider using a broker but I also want to take advantage of the pull ahead program and turn my lease into whichever dealer I am leasing the new vehicle from.

I think as a good first step is to use RateFindr to find out the exact incentives, RV, MF in your region for the trim you’re looking at.

From there, you can use the lease calculator to construct a target deal based on pre-incentive discounts you’re seeing on signed section or marketplace.

I’d be surprised if there were $7500 in rebates. Even if they are, it doesn’t seem like the dealer is discounting much (pre-rebate) given the price / DAS combo you’re mentioning.

Yes: you can inquire about MSDs, and if you search the forum here there are quite a few topics on them

Have you checked KBB value on your XC-90. It’s also possible you have some equity in there.

Finally, even if there isn’t any equity, a broker can help you leverage pull ahead via their dealer network just the same as the dealers You’re talking to.

I live in NC and was a first time Volvo customer. I was able to lease a MY 24 B5 xc90 Plus for $545/month with first payment ($545) DAS. It was July so the Costco money was still on the table. I would assume you have lease cash and loyalty as a current owner. Push for a larger discount. I was able to get 10%. Good luck. They are very nice vehicles!


What a deal! I’ve called every dealer in MA and a few in NH and RI and they laugh when I tell them I want to keep a similar payment of $500 like my current lease. Always $700 plus with money down. I reached out to a broker so hopefully he can help me.

No luck with the broker in my area. He reached out to his dealer who said they’ve already run numbers for me in the past so they decided to pass on working the deal. Also said the south and mid Atlantic have much better rebates than we do up here in the north east. Thinking I will pull the trigger on this one. I just haven’t found anything better and I’ve been keeping an eye out for a year.

Theres a broker on here who I was working with where I was getting xc90 B5 Plus (No HK) for 606 sign and drive, zero money out of pocket at signature.

May I ask who you were working with? Are you in the northeast?

I’m in NJ. I’m actually just finalized the deal for a 24 B6 Plus with HK and 21s for ~660 (36/12k) with $1500 down (everything else rolled in). Downside, the car is in Maryland so I have to go and pick it up. I could have had it shipped but since the dealership is taking my 21 xc90, it would have been $800 in shipping fees and im too cheap to spend that :wink:

I used @AutoCompanion. Highly responsive and recommended!

Thanks! I actually talked to him last month about a car in MD but I didn’t know how I’d turn in my current lease! I suppose I could take a road trip to MD…but I live on an island off the coast of MA and I would definitely go over my mileage :joy:

Does anyone know if friends and family can use a family member’s ABA pin? I’m a little confused by the website.

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