2024 Porsche Panamera/Mercedes S Class

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a 2024 Panamera, anyone knows where I can find the best lease deals? I currently drive an S class, and open to potentially getting a new now as well. Suggestions are appreciated! Thank you.

I am sure demo S class deals blow the doors off any Panamera deal


Panamera’s are not good lease candidates.

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Any suggestions of where I should look?

By the way Im keeping my option open so if you know of anything interesting out there (Mercedes, Range Rover, Porsche, etc) I’d definitely be interested

EQS will be your best bet

RR and Porsche are not good for lease.

I tried hunting one they are difficult to find, lately I have been seeing price drops tho

Panamera and the Range are purchase candidates. What’s the monthly budget/expectation on the next car? S580 or S500? You might be able to find a 7 series deal through a broker here.