2024 Lucid $5000 off in stock EXTENDED (again) thru June + $7500 ev and $3750 air credits!

The default zip they use - 90060.

The RV for the 2023 was 53% on an 18 month lease, which increased the payments significantly. I don’t think their calculators online take that into account. I only found out after applying for financing

Just released 3 2023s in the NJ area

1 GT
1 touring
1 pure

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Should be available soon. Just canceled these orders. Try any nj or ny zip

Gt was approx 900
Touring approx 800
Pure approx 600

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Thanks - I see them. Wish the GT had 19’s on it. Will wait for one with 19’s or for a 2024 GT.

All showing available now

annnnnd, its gone.
It was showing available in 2 weeks last I checked, which didn’t qualify for the $5000 onsite I thought?

I was just able to get a 2023 touring.

Can I apply referral bonus after ordering? And I don’t see the onsite or any credits(only EV rebate 7500) in the order.

Care to share lease terms and pricing?

You should be able to share the referral bonus code with your sales advisor. They will have to manually apply it to your order.

Is the car available now?

Will share once I get the numbers.
Currently shows 1k for 36/12k .
Msrp :90k, applications shows price : 76k (not sure what credits were applied)

Have you logged into your online account? It should show all the lease details with a price breakdown, including credits applied.


The 18 month lease term will yield the lowest payment. What’s the amount due at signing?

Obligatory sharing of my referral code. It hasn’t been used too many times yet :upside_down_face:


That’s the screenshot from my current application. Yet to apply for finance.

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Reached out to someone who was giving away 3k worth of accessories that will be shipped to my address. Unless you want to beat that :wink: lol


Is the onsite credit still $5k this month? If yes, enter it as a down payment. You are missing the referral credit, which should also be entered as a down payment. It should substantially lower your monthly payment.

On site-will have to wait for sales to get back tomm. I was so quick to order, did not check the available time. Does it matter as long as it showed within my zip code?

Free shipping too? I believe the referral code you are being offered is worth at least $750.

Still does not answer my question. Does the car show as available now?

Yes. If it is not available now, you will not be getting an additional $5k credit.

Like I said, I was in such a hurry to order on my phone, did not see if it was available now. So will have to wait and check with advisor.