2024 Lucid $4000 off in stock + $7500 ev + $7500-$10,000 air + $750-$1250 referral credits - July '24

I’m not sure I can justify 3,000 for better doors for just 18 months. 95% of the time it’s just me driving alone, so no need for sunshades, multi zone climate, rear heated seats. I’ve used my current heated steering wheel once in the last 2 years, and I can live without an auto close frunk.

I wished my fridge door closed liked my gt

Is your code still not maxed?

Correct. Still not maxed

Due for 2024 Pure pickup end of July, I have a few questions for you all:

  1. Charging-
    A) nearest electrify america is 41 mins away from home (no more free charging through them right?)
    B) lucid agent told me about app Plug share- anyone familiar with this? Says closest charger is 17 -20 mins away. 1 of them being a dealership, can we charge at a random dealership?
    C) Was nervous on how long the $1200 lucid home charger would take to arrive after car pickup, since previous post said my lucid should come with a home charger adapter, so no rush then right?
    D) any other tips/tricks or cautions for charging?

  2. $500 credit for store offer- Did you guys get this right after submitting deposit to order or does it come after pickup. Is it limited to certain items?

  3. Anyone know the residual value or money factor we should be expecting for July based on their contracts? (edmunds didnt have info on lucid)

Thanks in advance,

Don’t have answers for all, but Electrify America according to multiple people I’ve spoken to is no longer offered for free.

Dealerships around me, depending on the dealership do allow anyone to charge their vehicle.

Outside of the $1200 charger, you do get the plug-in charger with the car so you should be okay until it gets there.

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thank you for answering those questions!

Some 2024 were still getting one year free from Electrify America. Wouldn’t know until you plugin the first time.
I signed on a 2023 and had a year.

Below is my referral, still fresh.

Design Your Lucid Air | Lucid Motors Use my referral link to buy the award-winning Lucid Air and get up to $1,250 vehicle or rebate

Lucid may not contractually offer free Electrify America charging, however, any Lucid I’ve come across just had the free EA charging. You can plug a new 2024 Lucid into EA, without logging in, and it will just charge for free. Will EA ever come around to deactivating the free charging? Maybe. But for now, even newly delivered 2024 Lucids still charge for free on EA. That being said, my experience with EA has been very poor. EA charging stations typically only have 1-4 chargers and often 2 are broken and the remaining chargers have long wait times. Free EA charging is often not worth the hassle. While traveling along the Florida Turnpike, I would gladly pay $0.30/KwH to charge on FPL chargers at 350KwH located right on the highway’s rest stops with 12 available chargers right next to the row of Tesla chargers, no wait time and often more availability than Tesla chargers.

Even with the discounted $200 price for Lucid’s 80 amp charger, not sure if it makes sense to get it. Current delivery time is estimated for end of August. Plus, you may need to do costly electrical upgrades for your home to support the charger. If you have an older home, or a home with less than 200 amp electrical panel, Lucid’s 80 amp charger may put too much strain on your home.

For the vast majority of cases, the 40 amp charger that comes with the Lucid is more than sufficient to recharge your Lucid on a Nema 14-50 outlet. It charges at up to 40 miles/hour and charges the vehicle even faster than a Tesla charges on a Tesla home charger. I’m charging my Lucid on the same 14-50 outlet that I was previously charging my Tesla and the Lucid charges in about 2/3 the time. (I had a Gen 1 40 amp Tesla Mobile Connector).

I got my Lucid 12 days ago and still waiting for the $500 merch credit.

My guess is as they increase the Air Credit to reduce the Adjusted Capitalized Cost, the Rent Charge typically goes up. I posted copies of my Lease Agreements onto Lease Hackr for a 2024 Lucid Touring and a 2024 Lucid Pure. For June 2024, the Rent Charge on the Touring was $10,108; and the Rent Charge on the Pure was $3,816.

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You can still get the 80AMP charger and resell it. I personally installed it and replaced my old eVGO 32 AMP charger that for some reason always ended in a fault at the end of the charging session.

Plus I am sure we’ll have a second EV soon so the extra speed helps. Also I got installed in NY Westchester for $850 with materials

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Lease or Buy?
I don’t like leasing cars, but here is a reason to lease a Lucid, even if you really want to buy it.

2024 Lucid Air Pure - cash price: $62,975 - cost to lease then immediately payoff: $56,133.

2024 Lucid Air Touring - cash price: $70,975 - cost to lease then immediately payoff: $68,803.

These are real life cases for the leases I made on two different Lucid’s over the past couple weeks. Especially with the Pure, I got a discount of $6,842 over buying, mainly because of the $7,500 EV plug-in savings only available when leasing. The savings is only $2,172 on the Touring probably due to the higher Rent Charge.

Would you buy a new 2024 Lucid Pure for $56,133 or lease for $544/m?

My sales advisor gave me the purchase links to 30 different Lucids to chose from. Most of those Lucids have since sold. 10 of those links still appear to be working.

There are (5) Lucid Pures without added options with MSRP of $69,900 and leasing at $544/m with $0 down.

So the trick here is to find a base Air Pure model that is in stock to take advantage of the $4000 additional credit, correct?

Yeah, I’ve been having trouble finding base models in stock.

Correct. I know of 5 base Pures in inventory. Don’t know of any base Tourings in inventory.

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It is also very hard to find a Grand Touring in Stealth with 19 Stealth Wheels. Getting harder to get the onsite, which in my opinion makes a huge incentive to do the lease. Without it, don’t feel like getting a good deal.

Agreed. I wouldn’t touch this lease without the on-site incentive.

And then on top of that the 1250 referral? Completely missed that one.

I might just suck it up and go with a more expensive one. Is the dreamdrive premium worth it? The 360 view and blind spot cameras seem interesting.

The car is a bit difficult to park without it. The visibility in this car is a bit low. I don’t know how good there 360 view or blind spot camera is though.