2024 Kia Niro EV Wind: Colorado $5,829 one pay, effective $829 24/10


Kia Niro EV $5,829 one pay. Will apply for $5,000 tax credit next year.

Worked this deal for my parents last week before the MF was increased. I lost my deal🥹 as I didn’t realize MF was increasing over the weekend. Was at $5,300 one pay.


Nice! Is the dealer located in Colorado?

what $5000 tax credit are you talking about?

Colorado has a $5,000 state tax credit if you purchase an EV. If you assign it to the dealer it is $5,350 but the deal wouldn’t work to build that in so my parents have to file for it next year.

Yes. Kia dealers seem pretty interested in aggressive offers except on EV9.

Thanks, glad you got (your parents) such a good deal. This is the first CO EV lease I’ve seen on the site where somebody elected to claim the credit themselves rather than assigning. Did you tell the dealer upfront that you planned to structure it that way?

No, didn’t work originally as adj. cap cost was less than residual when added in. I think I asked to put the numbers together taking it out.

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