2024 Kia EV9 Specs Potentially Leaked ahead of Debut This Year

are vented headrests a thing? i didn’t know that existed.

Ventilation and/or speakers for the Audio system

Everyone’s looking for a new feature to up the ante since even entry level models can be optioned nicely these days.

It looks like there is padding behind the mesh.

Dealership has no idea of arrival dates unfortunately.

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Roughly $900/m effective after TTL.

Like they are pushing through the $7500 but the MF/RV must be not so good.

Gonna wait for some.USBank lease to compare.

Just got a call from the dealer, my Wind AWD car is in the first batch of cars that they are receiving. ETA is between middle and end of January.

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I may have entered the “back in my day mindset”, but how do people justify in their heads paying $900 a month for a KIA?

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Looks good. Shame it’s not got the 7c/8 seat option like the Telluride / Palisade though

Never sat in the 3rd row of a Telluride/Palisade but is it really 3 across? I find 3rd rows that are supposed to seat 3 people is more like 2 people with some space between them. My many minivans could really only seat 3 kids across… not adults.

I should be at the LA Auto Show this week so I will compare the EV9 to the Tell/Pal.

One more update, I just got an automated text saying my order has been filled and my car should arrive on 1/22…


I’m guess it will depend on the size of the pax but I use mine on a weekly basis for 3 10 year olds


Yeah. 3 kids.

Sat in the 3rd row of the EV9 today (despite the fear of not getting back out) and it was actually roomy.

I looked at the Tell/Pal and the width looks similar so I think the EV9 just wanted to stop the pretense and make it more comfortable for 2 adults. I think you can still fit 3 kids back there.

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my god what are those rims? “inspired by the phillips head screw…”


They have belts for 3 in the EV9? Good news if so

They have to make it as ugly as possible, I think that’s a prerequisite to be a designer for EVs.

Who uses seat belts in the 3rd row?

I don’t think the EV9 has 3 belts in the 3rd row, just saying that 3 kids can fit back there. :slight_smile:

Yeah. The new Leaf rims are so ugly.

I don’t mind them though, in my older years wheel bling isn’t that important.

Configurator live on the Kia website now. I am still 50/50 on taking delivery of my order arriving in about 6 weeks. On the one hand EV demand has cooled off a great deal but on the other hand this is the first “affordable” 3-row EV. Between the fees, taxes, and incentives, I will have a $10k cushion off MSRP so I am thinking I can get out of the lease with no loss if I want to but the recent state of the EV market gets me a little nervous.

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