2024 IX50, $900+tax Monthly Payment + $5000 incentive

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Added $1000 more as cash incentive.
Looking for immediate buyer

Stupid question but if all cash incentive are given to BMW will they apply it to make the payments cheaper? Or is it just decreasing ones effective payment.

I’ve taken over a BMW lease before but didn’t deal with any incentives.

It decreases your effective payment.
For instance I pay $900 . As of today the remaining lease term is 29 months including may
so,$900*29= $26100. Deducting $5000 incentive will bring down the payments to $21100.

Updated remaining balance $21100/28 months will bring the monthly payments to 753.57 (Pre tax).

Thank you

Any incentives reduce your effective payment. The contractual payment from the original lease never changes.

You’ll pay tax and need credit approval on that basis.

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Anyone know if you pay sales tax on the entire lease price if you transfer to MN? or just the remaining term?

Look at “Lease Originating in Another State” section for the answer to your question.

If I’m reading it correctly it looks like you pay tax on the total vehicle price and it’s paid upfront.

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Damn. This is a really good deal for anyone.

I’d take this just to have it around lol

and you will pay registration on MSRP

it literally says on total lease pricr and is paid monthly…