2024 i4 eDrive35 - Northern Virginia


opinions if this is a good deal? I know there is a trade-in with negative equity rolled in but the base deal in general?

What are your goals … to replace the LR with something? Replace with an EV? Replace with only the i4 being the acceptable replacement?

It looks like they are rolling the rebate into the “total savings” which means the actual discount is obscure but most likely around 6%. I would bet they are marking up the MF, but hard to tell. $989 is a pretty big fee on top of the other non-tax fees. It’s an average deal, non withstanding the negative equity or trade valuation, we have seen worse, but a broker offer from Marketplace would be superior.

Goal is trade-in the LR to replace with an EV. It’s time.

We can certainly do much better than this for you not far from you. Feel feee to email me, scott@insightautoconsulting.com and we’ll get you squared away with something actually decent.

Edit: I see you also still have a loan on the 2015 Disco… best thing to do is get bids far and wide and sell it to who or wherever will give you the most money for it. Get it detailed and sell it privately.

Then there are a lot better values among EVs

$5800 at almost 4.5% interest- if you aren’t paying that off I assume it’s to save for the colossally larger personal property tax (and insurance) to follow?

@Caius99 I would STOP, separate the trade-in from any new lease, and see how you can zero that out. I don’t know if you bought this LR new or used, but I doubt you will buy out this i4, you’re hopping on a very expensive treadmill for the next 4 years.