2024 Grand Cherokee 4xe (Basic Model) Lease opinion

Good evening, everyone. I would like some knowledge on this deal that the Jeep dealership has offered me. Of course, what I learned from this website is to learn to walk away from day one of negotiating. So here I am seeking advice and appreciate everyone’s help.

2024 Grand Cherikee 4xw
Sales price 61,660
Trade in 6k
12,500 In total rebates
Monthly payments 566 39 months

Location is in central CA

Find out the msrp vs selling price, don’t pay for bs addons, and just based off of your numbers you essentially have 18k “down” or a cost cap reduction between your trade in equity and rebates. The stealership still wants 600 bucks a month for 39 months (essentially 40k in lease payments) for a 61k car.


The 61k is msrp.

Leave that dealership. Do more research in the marketplace. You can get a much better discount.


Run from this dealer. They are offering 0 dealer discount and trying to act like the incentives and rebates are coming from them not the government or manufacturer.


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