2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV — Signed

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Fair point.

Can you imagine what that would cost?

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I’m in the market for one of these too. I noticed some out-of-state dealers are demanding whopping markups and that’s just something I’ll never do.

Based on this deal, it seems they are giving very attractive leasing overall. You got these terms with no conquest or anything and just haggled a little over the $5k price?

Correct — it was pure negotiation, with the knowledge that the vehicle had been sitting on their lot for 60-90+ days. I knew they were motivated to move the vehicle and told them such — and was able to get them to waive the $30K market adjustment plus knock $5K off MSRP. Going in educated on leasing (and market conditions) always works wonders. I also did not have any special incentives like GM employee, conquest, or state incentives — just the $7,500 EV incentive they’d used to improve the RV.

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Looks like programs on these just got much worse. No more 79% residuals.

They have conquest and supplier rebates on these ? My Volvo is coming up, I’m interested.

Seems like it may be zip code dependent? At least on Edmunds, there’s a 79% in one zip code and 74% in another this month.

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Subscribing to keep an eye on things. I don’t need one of these, but if things get crazy I’d lease one just for kicks. I think the economy may tilt in the direction of favorable leases closer to the end of the year

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