2024 Gladiator 4xe?


My 2020 gladiator lease is up in a little over a year. I heard some rumblings online about the 4xe version being available for the 2024 year.

If it does come out does anyone know what time of year the order banks open up for the next years model?

Lastly biggest factor is the EV credit. I haven’t been keeping up on the new EV credit rules so if someone could fill me in there I’d appreciate it.

I’m really hoping these are going to be hackable because I love my current gladiator and has been the only lease I’ve had that I will be sad to see go.

They said the same about it being available in 2022 and 2023. I will believe it when i see it.

At this point, i dint really know why they would bother. the STLA frame architecture is starting to make its way into designs and probably will underpin the next wrangler/gladiator before too long. Seems like it would probably make more sense to just hold off until then.

I would imagine they would have a priority on a Grand Cherokee L 4XE over the Gladiator

Sucks because I was hoping to be able to order one and have a decent payment on it. Love my current gladiator but if nothing changes I guess I’ll be forced to lease one at a higher rate :worried: