2024 Genesis GV60 Standard RWD - $255/mth; 13mth/10K; $275 DAS

I’ve been charging at the EVGo chargers at Parkside. (Have a free year of charging from my Ariya lease) and I’m only 5 min from Parkside. Also, been using the L2 ones at work in the days I drive I to work. Will look to do some L2 charging at home later in the year once I’ve figured out how I want my garage organized.

Can anyone verify the rebates in CO for this or the GV70?

Here are the rebates for Denver area in LH calc. You could ask on Edmunds as well.

I’m about to get an Ariya as well but looks like they’ve dropped the EVGo… :weary:

Where did you get your Ariya? Do you mind sharing the details by DM?