2024 EQS 450+ SUV lease $792 ( $112K MSRP) should I sign?

LH score of 10+ is debatable as a “bad deal” here now? The “hack porn” has really bent reality for posters here.


Its great on some vehicles and bad on others. Point is that its a useless way to evaluate if something is a good deal or not.

A deal’s “value” is multivariate- deal friction, time to execution, and client satisfaction along with price to market are just a few pieces of the pie.

Unfortunately or not-the market doesn’t exist solely on one-off deals on promotional units siloed here.

Not to mention the huge variables between individual qualifications/situations where the same “deal” for two people can be thousands of dollars apart.

Hence why a singular rule of thumb based purely on a ratio of the msrp to lease payment is an utterly useless metric

We’re in LH land- everyone is an 800+ FICO 9 across all 3 bureaus here- right?

Based on what they’ve been going for for the past year or so and that it’s leasehackr, yes I think a car like the EQS SUV should be around this price for an average deal. I have one that I’m turning in and at this price point I believe you can get something better for the same price (R1S) or cheaper for the same type of car (IX)

Edit: to clarify, EQSfest is over for now. This is probably a good deal if you are sold on getting an EQS now. My point is if you are going for an EQS because you want the best bang for your hackr buck, then I think you should look else where.


You may have a valid point about the value of the EQS as a lease candidate and what you’re getting for your money, but you can’t compare monthly payments from a year ago with today and say if this is average or not. Lease programs change. At 22% off, this is a way better deal than most of those EQS deals a year ago, even if the monthly payment is more as a result of the change in programs.

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Thank you all for the comments. I signed the lease today.
It looks like the deal I have is good but nothing exceptional. I did call around and there wasn’t anything close when it came to a 2024 EQS with the color, interior and heads-up display etc.

It was really hard for me to settle for the exterior look of the EQS especially given the Rivian R1S lease price is very similar.

This car is extremely comfortable and I don’t think I’ll regret the decision for two years. After that, I think we’re going for a different SUV if Mercedes maintains this look.


Congrats! It’s definitely the most comfortable car I’ve ever driven. You’ll enjoy it

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