2024 bz4x xle awd

Right? lol Lucky I got Aunt Sally on speed dial.

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I have been quoted $400/month on every blazer ive looked at in ny. (4 dealers)

Well there’s your problem

I don’t understand what this “dealer quote” thing you speak of is

Thou shall Make offers not quotes.

Thou Shall not be a :eggplant:

Thou shall do the research on incentives and captive programs (mf/residuals)

Bro do you even Toyota? Haha. I have like 45 tundras and 30 of every other model on the lot total. It’s still really bad out there. Precovid we had 300-400 on the lot.

I am in CT. Where you able to find a good deal on bz4x? If yes, can you please share details.

A good deal on a BZ means a payment way lower than an Ariya, Ioniq, Blazer, etc.

So don’t hold your breath. Or waste your time.


Like free.99 and unlimited ICE rentals.

Just walk away, main issue I have surmised is the range is no where close to advertised by a huge margin.

Also if you are still gung ho about the car, look at the Solterrra which is the clone.

Get prime instead if you want to go Toyota. Much better deal, better car, and should have a good amount of equity at lease end.

Pm me if you go that route

As someone who ran multiple dealer groups for 12+ years, I can assure you can cancel your deal w/o any consequences ANYTIME before driving the vehicle of the dealer’s lot. EVEN if you paid cash for it and signed contract.