2023 Wagoneer L order


FYI, Wagoneer L order banks have opened. Pricing, however, is TBD. I’m anticipating a $2k markup over the standard Wagoneer, similar to the $2k difference from GC to GCL. Maybe $2500, or even $3k. Chapman offering 3% under invoice for an order. That should come to about 9-9.5% under MSRP. No deposit, as usual.

I ordered a Wagoneer Series 1 4x4 with Premium, convenience, and RES. I asked for towing, but Ashlie said that isn’t showing in their system as an option. The biggest kicker is the replacement of the 5.7/6.4 with the 3.0 TT. Guess my household will be guinea pigs for the new engine. Really would have preferred the 6.4.

No, absolutely no clue what a lease will look like. We’ll buy it if necessary.


Thx for tip. But isn’t the car enormous with poor gas mileage? What’s your use case that you need such a big car?

I don’t need a case. I’m not on trial.

No idea what gas mileage will be with the new engine. Likely better than my far smaller and less useful Charger.


Wow, I didn’t realize the Wagoneer was introducing an extended version. That thing is going to be the size of the Titanic :joy:. Also, the 6.4 was/is exclusive to the GW iirc; the 5.7 was available on the Wagoneer.

I’m still interested in getting one of these, but haven’t pulled the trigger. I really want the GW…still waiting for a big load of trunk money to come along. :grin:

Also, for those considering to pursue this through Chapman - people have experienced difficulty with getting them to desk a lease through CCAP.

I’m guessing $3k or more based on Escalade pricing

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from what I had found online previously, the WL was supposed to use the 6.4, as well. But, in any case, it is no longer a choice either way.

Size is comparable to the Suburban, Yukon XL, Escalade ESV, Navigator L, Expedition Max, etc. After having looked at the less-expensive rung, we liked the Wagoneer interior way more than the others. We didn’t see where all the extra money goes in the GW.

I like the suv but found pricing to be so bad as far as residual and the peak rebates of $9500 have since come down.

they had $9500 on the wagoneer?
Ugh. Missed that boat.

use case is someone that enjoys burning money. make it rain baby :fire:

Certainly one of them. Happens to be the same use case for every new car, however.

…unless flipping for profit