2023 VW Taos SE lease

Located in Denver, CO. My current lease (2019 Jetta) is about to expire and the dealer wants to put me into an upgrade. My current vehicle (lease) is very low mileage and has a very high trade in value compared to what is owed (8,500 to buy out). The dealer is offering a 2023 Taos SE AWD. The MSRP listed is 32,000, sales price is 28,5000. With a traded credit of 8k they offered me a 10k/36mo lease for $205/month. The RV is 60% and the MF is 0.00144. I’m pretty sure I could get them to knock an additional 2k off the sales price to help lower the payment some. Is this a good deal to consider? My other option would be to just buy out the Jetta (2019 base model only 12.5k miles) for 8500. Thanks for any feedback!

There’s about a $1400 spread between invoice and MSRP on a Taos so you’re about $2100 lower than that. What research have you done to believe that you could get another $2k off that vehicle? The quoted mf you received is buy rate so that looks ok.

I can’t speak for your trade and what they’re offering you vs. what they should be but I assume you’ve gotten other real offers to ensure they are not low balling you?

I am just making an assumption I might be able to get an additional 1-2k off or at least that’s what I will ask lol. I didn’t push the dealer whatsoever and I have worked with them before so just a gut feeling I might be able to go a little lower but not a for sure thing. In terms of my trade in I haven’t have hard offers but the carfax and KBB quotes are near what the dealership offered. I guess I should visit some additional dealers and get my trade in valued (initial trade offer $16.5k for base model Jetta no damage 12.5k miles). Pretty new to this process so I appreciate the conversation!