2023 VW ID.4 Standard or 2023 Chevy Bolt EV for a teenager?

Perhaps for the first or first few iterations? In my limited experience the newest ones are designed to brake hard, like really hard. So much so that my main concern has now become being rear-ended.

The last time AEB intervened the guy behind me ended up on the grass next to me.

Just want you to put into consideration that id.4 no longer entitled for 7500$ credit because it produced not in US, even if your order was set somewhere before make it better bill you have to check particular VIN

The 2023 ID4 is produced in Tennessee

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Not only are the 2023s made in the US but I have a binding agreement that extends the $7500 tax credit until it is manufactured, even if it were manufactured outside the US.

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I test drove a 2023 ID.4 Pro S AWD this past week (I’ve now owned or test driven all years lol) because my VW dealer pinged me out of the blue. It’s an SUV that doesn’t feel big because the turning radius is excellent. It’s not like a Model 3/Y or Ioniq 5 or Mach-E which have large turning radii so they can feel like giant boats.

With that said… the Bolt is definitely more a hothatch and might be better as a first car. Both are decent values because of the used $25K tax credit - which keeps resale values inflated after 2-3 years.

I split the difference and got both. :thinking:

Even though VW is showing the ID4 will be delivered between Dec-Feb, they have changed delivery times so often that I don’t have a lot of faith in that estimate.

I bought a Bolt with the Supplier and Costco discounts that should arrive next week. Based on current wholesale values, I believe I will be able to trade it in for the same price as paid when the ID4 finally arrives. Or he may decide he prefers the Bolt and we just keep it.

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Well done.

So how do either of you like the Bolt? I really am considering the EUV… deceivingly roomy interior when I sat in it at the auto show.

I haven’t gotten it yet. It’s on a truck somewhere in middle America.

Bolt charging speed is already out of date as of now, after another 2-3 years no one will like it.

Charging speed is only an issue if you frequently drive hundreds of miles in a day. Otherwise, it’s easy to just charge your car overnight.

When traveling occasionally, 50 kw/hr is likely fast enough for most people. I’ve had 3 Teslas, 2 ID4s, an Audi ETron a BMW i4. Even though some of those cars are supposed to get 195-225 kw/hr, I rarely got over 60 kw/hr even when plugged into a 350 kw/hr charger. So if the Bolt actually gets 50 kw/hr, I think it should be fine for most people.


DC charging speeds are overrated for a city commuter.

I could not tolerate the bouncy suspension is my reason for not buying one. I hope other carmakers build Bolt competitors (low $30K EVs) even if DC charging speeds are poor/slow.

@WeakestLink needs to update this story.

Spoiler: His son is getting neither. :slight_smile:

Not necessarily. :sunglasses: Spontaneously bought a Mach E today so no longer getting the Bolt. Still possible I could trade the Mach E for the ID4. I think I like the Mach E better but I don’t know if my son should be driving a $50k car. And another tax credit is certainly tempting.

Btw, if anyone wants a Bolt EV LT1 at MSRP + $199 OnStar, lmk asap before I cancel the order. If you have Supplier, they will honor it in addition to $500 Costco.

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Mach-E is way better than the ID.4 exception maybe the suspension and way cooler than the Bolt.

Imagine if your dad bought you a Mach-E instead of a Bolt? Coolest dad ever.

Decided Mach E was too expensive for a first car. Gave up the original Bolt LT1 but found a Bolt LT2 at a different dealership. They agreed to Supplier and Costco but wanted me to pay and sign all the papers before EOM (car supposed to arrive Wed-Sat). I told them they would need to take another $600 off…which to my surprise, they agreed to do. Should’ve asked for $1000. :sunglasses:

With the additional $500 Supplier rebate on LT2 over LT1, and the extra $600 off, I guess it was worth getting the LT2.

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