2023 Volkswagen ID.4 now starting at $38,790

Awesome. Thanks everyone. Appreciate the assistance and clarification.

my current MSRP built is 51k, after federal and texas tax credit, it would be 41k… still seems a lot to me for a VW though…
Haven’t driven it, how does the AWD one drive?

The ID.4 is closer in size to a Ford Edge or a Toyota Venza. Those vehicles similarly equipped are only a few thousand less than your net price on the ID.4

Regarding the AWD, it’s a game changer. I have to say the RWD ID.4, to someone who has been driving electric for quite some time, the performance is unimpressive. Don’t get me wrong it’s still quick and will dust most vehicles you meet at a stoplight, but it’s one of the slowest EVs. The AWD on the other hand is a different experience, much quicker and precisely the performance I enjoy and expect in an EV.

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If anyone else is getting a weird E1003 error message in their reservation, it’s supposedly just a website issue being resolved (I called to ask).

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I wouldn’t worry, I usually get those errors often and they fix themselves if you “spam” login or just wait out a day.

Did you happen to order a S/Pro S/Pro S Plus with the Cosmic interior?

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Pro S AWD with the Cosmic. Figured it was fine, but the message told me to call. I was hoping I won a free car.

There seems to be an issue only with vehicles with Cosmic interiors. If you go on the build & configure, the Cosmic interior option has disappeared with any exterior colors only are paired with Cosmic. Might be a supply thing (maybe?). I’m glad I hated the Cosmic interior enough not to get the Tourmaline Blue which I loved. Locked my “S” Silver Mist/Black on 08/14, still on status 03, still expected 11/22-12/22, optimistic I’ll be one of the first RWD models made when they flip production to RWD models next month.

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