2023 Socal Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator/Pacifica Deals. GC and Wrangler 4XE Clearance! (January)

Hey everyone I have bottom Pricing on Wranglers, Gladiators, Grand Cherokees and more on the bottom posts. Must have Tier 1 credit to qualify. Also ask about Ram, Dodge, and Pacifica deals

$500 First Responder or Military rebate available on select models/trims.

2023 Sahara Wrangler 4XE with Black Hardtop


$2000 due at signing + $595 Broker Fee

36/10k - $489 plus tax

On approved credit

Save another $570 if signed up for affiliate. If you qualify for extra rebates you can add them to this deal. This is the general pricing for everyone.

Grand Cherokee 4XE Base


$2000 due at signing + $595 Broker Fee

24/10k - $522 plus tax
36/10k - $547 plus tax
39/10k - $530 plus tax

No affiliate needed. If you qualify for extra rebates you can add them to this deal. This is the general pricing for everyone.

On approved credit

Call/text Jeff at 310-405-3507

Call/text 310-405-3507 for all inquiries

Jeff Roney
Beach Cities Auto Brokers


I will be reaching out to you by text.

Any new deals for November yet?

numbers updated for November

Are your leases thru fca or can you do us bank leases as well? Have heard the mf are much better thru us bank in the gladiators.

I work with every bank (US bank, Chrysler Capital, Ally)

Are these leases? I couldn’t imagine a 42 month lease personally. Anything around 24 or 30 month leases?

Cool looks like the numbers on the Willys didn’t change.

Yes these are leases.

Lowest payment is usually the 42 month term, I have also included a 36 month option for those who prefer that. The shorter the term the higher the payment on Jeeps.

Let me know the exact Jeep you are interested in and I can put together a custom quote based on 30/24 month.

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Jeff is LEGIT!!! The price he put on here are exactly what you are going to get. No bs, no gimmicks. Not only that, his service is superb! I was on a time constraint and he was able to secure and deliver my Wrangler Willys in one day. He went above and beyond by bringing the car to my house 50 miles away at 10pm! Great service, great prices! I will definitely recommend Jeff to everyone on this forum. Thank you, Jeff!

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It was great working with you Gene. Enjoy your new Wrangler!

Numbers updated for December

Do you reach NYC?

Your lease terms are unusual. And probably very high money factor

Welcome to the world of Jeep leasing.

Jeep dealers have access to so many banks and the terms vary greatly based on bank and term.

My guess is he is running a lease scan which shows a matrix of all the options and posting the best ones.

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I’m not the one that sets the money factor and residuals…

Just for you I’ll fund the deal through “Jeff Financial”, 24 month term, 0.00001 MF, 90% Residual

@Bostoncarconcierge is correct. I run leases on every possible term and post the lowest payment above. I’ve even included a 36 month option for anyone allergic to 42/48 month terms.


Hey Jeff. Are there any additional incentives we can use for current FCA leasees?

Wrangler and Gladiators are currently not offering any Loyalty/Conquest rebates

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Numbers updated for January

New Pricing on Gladiators only for the last week of the Month!!!