2023 Sienna LE FWD - MSRP - Up for grabs!

Have a 2023 Sienna LE FWD in CT, ready to go for msrp!

Has a $399 vin mark addon, non negotiable.

DM me if you want it, $1k non-refundable deposit required.

Im not making a penny or any broker fee, just passing it on to the LHers!


The minivan, the best option for family hauling.


I have no need or desire for a minivan but thanks for sharing, seems like a great deal.

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Bump… shocking that nobody has taken this yet lol

I think the days of MSRPs deals on most cars are ending.

I think there is still a long way to go

Certain trims you’re right, but super base cheap cars or trims are still going for over MSRP. Shocked it hasn’t gone either.

This deal is so good, I’m contemplating on having kids.



@trusted_hackrs please close thread.