2023 Rivian R1T Adventure Quad Large, $465/mo, 10k 36mo, $5000 DAS, $600/mo Effective

Yea Rivian somehow manages to be worse than Lucid and that’s an achievement.

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Is the MF really 0%??

For 2023, yes.

So is there any way for me to lease if I don’t live in a lease state? Website seems to say no but I can’t tell.

It’s like 0.00001 MF if we want to be pedantic.

I see that the 23 Lease promo that was attached to my unit disappeared today. Odd.

And that’s another one. Somebody else lost it and didn’t get it back.

Surprisingly the discount is back on today - rivian is def giving me the run around.

Rivian finally got their finance figured out on my order that is a very out of state with delivery on Friday. The 24 month lease on my quad motor is cheaper than 36 by 20-30 bucks according to the estimator, that goes against what I expected. Thoughts?

Is this with FnF?

Yuppers, FnF.

Quick question - Fnf is back for June orders?

No idea, I ordered in May but they are just now getting my forms finalized.

The final forms should show the rent charge. 24mo had higher rent charge in May but entirely possible it has changed now.

Sorry, this is totally off topic, but is it useful to schedule an inventory search call with a guide with the goal of them trying to give an additional discount/offer/freebees? The v1 quad R1S is compelling at <$900/mo but want to see if I can get anything more via a guide and qtr end.

Software Features from Gen 2 that are coming to the 2023 R1Ts

Blind spot cameras and Launch mode coming to Quad R1Ts.

This is also pretty cool

  • All R1T and R1S on the road today are capable of V2V (vehicle to vehicle) and V2H (vehicle to home) charging with more details in the future

Is F&F referral back? Looking for code if true. TIA!

Yes F&F is back for June, my rep called me today

Large R1Ts only this time looks like but includes 2024.

Use RivianRoamer to make your life easier.

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Is this still on the R1T only?