2023 Nissan Pathfinder SL 4WD $330, 500 DAS, 18/10k, w/ 2020 Leaf SV Trade-In in WA

Hi Guys,

I was thinking about what to do with my 2020 Nissan Leaf because the lease ended in Dec 2020. By the way, I shared my Leaf deal in 2021 but no one seemed to care lol. But I thought it was good deal. Had good time with Leaf.

Been contacting a lot of local Nissan Dealership and found one that could reduce the MSRP to workout a deal with me. I’m generally happy with this deal. Got rid of my leaf that had some dings and extra mileage.

MSRP: $46,210
Sale Price: $42,921 (~7.12%)
Tax: 10.4%
MF: 0.00339
RV: 91% ($42,051.10)
Trade-In Equity: $2,258.60
Acq Fee: $695
Reg Fee: $295
Doc Fee: $200
Tax on Cap Cost Reduction: $125.42
DAS: $500.00

Effective Monthly: $329.17

Going from Leaf to Pathfinder is a big change… especially with crappy gas mileage…but now I can travel anywhere without worrying about the distance limit and my wife is very satisfied with large spaces.


Congrats, enjoy in good health! I would trade EV range anxiety for crappy gas mileage any day of the week!


Congrats on the Pathfinder. Much better than the Leaf IMO

Based on my anecdotal observation, your deal on the Leaf would really have shined in 2022, after some people panic-purchased EV’s. Actually, any cheap lease would have been a win.

On a side note, its’s funny to me that people paid thousands or tens of thousands over sticker for an EV because the price of gas was rising. If they spent 5 mins googling how much money they’d actually save driving an EV vs ICE car, they’d realized it would be many years to make the mark up back


Does anyone know if you can do a one-pay on these?

NMAC accepts one-pays; MSD on monthly payments; and even MSD on one-pays. Lots of ways to save on your MF and get a very good ROI.

Whether the dealer knows how to do it is a different question.


Unfortunately true
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Gotta be the best out there right now?

One pay plus 9 MSDs on this deal would have saved (0.00339-0.00196)*($42,309.49+$42,051.10)*18 = $2,171.44


If you’re willing, can you post a LH Calculator showing your calcs on this? Mine aren’t even close to matching yours.

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It’s just the standard rent charge calculation: MF*(adj. cap. cost+residual)*months

OP’s MF was 0.00339. The MF with one pay and 9 MSDs is 0.00196.

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I mean the Leaf was great especially with free charger both at my apartment and work. But, 140 miles limits so many things… Still my mind thinks I need to go charge when I recently saw 50 mile remaining on my Pathfinder…traumatic lol

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Congrats on the deal!

I’m mostly curious how did you get to have equity in the leaf AND have a discount at the same time.
That same dealership really wanted to buy it and not force you to ground it?

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Congrats on the deal. Not to sour your mouth but if you did a one-pay and used the equity and $500 DAS towards that you could’ve saved another $2100! Still a great deal nonetheless.

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Yes Yes, you are right. But, I didn’t what to do the one pay because I didn’t want to do MSD and didn’t have enough cash to do it. If I used my credit card, I would have to pay 3% transaction fee with this dealership + couple month of interest with my credit card company. It could be still cheaper to do one pay, but decided to just go with monthly.

Thanks for the information!

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Is the dealer willing to replicate? I’m also in WA

Not that the dealers dont know how to, they dont want extra effort and they probably less sentivitized for one-pay.
But since you found a great dealer that gave you such a good deal, you dont want to push it.

How many dollars would 9 MSD’s be? Trying to figure out the opportunity cost to save approximately $2100 over 18 months… With $5925 one-pay plus whatever 9 MSD’s are, to me it seems like its probably a good return still with 18 month cd rates at 4.5% - 5%.

9 MSD’s would have to be over $25k for it to not be worth it, based on my calculations. I’m guessing its not anywhere near that level.

That’s an effective monthly of $329, so to calculate your ROI assume each MSD is either $350 or $400. X 9