2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X 13mo/13.5k Left - $47k MSRP - $6.5k (One-Pay)

The truck is in great condition. As you can see, I barely drive it. It’s a third vehicle for us. I did a one-pay lease 5 months ago and looking to recoup those funds + the extras I bought. This is my favorite truck I’ve owned, and coming from 3 Tacomas, I’ll personally never buy anything else in the future. This really does feel like a $50k truck. I can get more photos for anyone that’s interested. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X
Tactical Green / Black Leather
$46,905 MSRP
18/10k (15k total) - 13/13.5k left

Location: Burlington, VT

Residual: 98%

Due at Transfer: $6,500 (One-Pay)
Financial institution: Nissan Financial
Transfer fee: $0

Extras included:
-Tow hitch ($230)
-Tonneau cover ($400)

Current mileage: 1,550
Maturity mileage: 15,000
Effective miles per month: 1,034
Maturity date: June 2024


Obligatory disclaimer that you’ll remain liable.

NMAC doesn’t really do transfers. They just add an additional lessee.


Good to know, thanks!

How does that affect when lease is over? Can the additional lessee just return it without the original lessee’s involvement?

Returning the car is not an issue. It’s things like unpaid payments/bills for excess miles or wear; stolen or totaled without insurance, etc.

I believe @GeminiRam called NMAC to find out one pays can’t be transferred, did you get new info?

That is correct, I called NMAC twice and both reps told me one-pay cannot be transferred. I’m in CA.

OP you should call NMAC and confirm with your account/State.

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Did they say you can’t transfer because you leased in CA or because the person being transferred to was in CA?

NMAC says you can’t transfer b/c it’s one-pay. I only put the State, if the laws supersedes their policy. Call them to confirm.

When MBFS canceled transfers, the only state exempt was CT.

Interested if it turns out you can transfer

6,500 is not worth being personally liable for someone else’s potentially poor decisions. Just ride it out.


I agree. Only way I’d do this is if they paid double ($6500 to nmac, $6500 to me as a deposit) with the deposit returned after disposition and closure of the account. Put their $6500 into a CD & give it back if no problems. Highly doubt any buyer would be willing to fork over 13k tho

I’m interested in NY/CT area…