2023 Mustang Mach-E 4th of July Specials

Anyone know the current lease special 2023 Mustang Mach-E?
Specifically, in AZ. Premium and California RT models.


There’s nothing more useless than a manufacturer’s advertised lease special.


Here is my first stab at working a lease deal. Let me know what you think and how should I respond to the Desert Protection and Fees? I have already asked them to clarify the residual and money factor/APR.

2024 Mach-E Select RWD with paint and mobile power cord.

2024 Mach-E Premium RWD with Ext Battery and mobile power cord.

I assume this is Chapman, so good luck.

You can likely remove some of the Desert Protection Package stuff, but the tint probably isn’t going to be removed.

VTR (vin etch) is obnoxious too.

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You guys are good. Yes to Chapman.

I don’t mind the tint in AZ (even though I can get it for a third of the price). It’s the VIN etching and Nitrogen in the tires that kills me.

What’s the best way to respond to their nonsense and any other dealers you would recommend?

So many other BEV have better programs. Why are you pushing boulders uphill?

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Thanks. I’m not in a rush and this was my first stab.

My first BEV I wanted to get into was the Chevy Blazer EV, but the AC was a killer. Both times I test drove, it would not cool down.

They got to squeeze it in before it becomes illegal for them to charge for it at the end of the month.

If you ask the dealer how much they want you to pay, you’re going to get nonsense.

Find a vehicle with a reasonable program, put together a target deal and make the dealer an offer. The best way to avoid nonsense is to stop asking for nonsense.

Why bother? You’re a super supporter, so you can pull the numbers from ratefindr and already know that they should be. If you structure an offer off what they should be, there is no point in ever needing to argue with them over rv/mf.


Try the Lyric, Ioniq and Ariya


The 2023 MME should be a hack-vehicle right now … especially the aged units with the $11,500 RCL money; the ~0.000 MF on Select/Premium and; and the long-range battery (99U) that has a propped up resid.

Just need a LH-worthy dealer contribution and these things would be $300-$400 after-tax monthlies. Naturally the problem is dealers are holding firm at 0% to 4% off MSRP or adding on Nitro-infused-PermaPlate. Ford of Walnut Creek was firm at 0% off MSRP. And they have over 70 2023 MME’s lol.


Crazy. Are they waiting for oil to run out?

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I think they’re waiting for Elon to stop production of the Model Y.


I dont know why people who want a Mach E are trying to pay premium to lease one of these i looked at prices on these low mileage used ones going cheap.

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