2023 Mercedes Benz EQE 350 4Matic Incentives

Hello Hackers,

There is lot of information/threads MB 2023 Mercedes Benz EQE 350 4Matic Incentives on various forums. Which all incentives are avaibale and we can get and which all can be stacked?

Below are some of them Which can be staked and which can’t be?

  1. Lease cash bonus: 7.5K is EV credit

  2. Edmunds: 4000 dealer cash. Is it same as "incentive Bonus: MY23 EQB SUV ($3,000) MY23 EQE Sedan & SUV ($4,000). Source: MB USA Website

  3. MB USA Website: "Advertised 36 months payment reflects $7,500 Lease Bonus Cash applied as a capitalized cost reduction, and is based on MSRP of $79,050 less the suggested dealer contribution of $3,609 resulting in a total gross capitalized cost of $75,441. Source: MB USA Website

  4. Amex Incentive: 4.5 K Attahcment: 2023_Incentives_03.png) (Edmunds doesn’t know anything about it)

Super interested in that as well - in particular for WA State!

What does the calculator say?

Did you ever find if dealer cash and Amex can be stacked.