2023 (?) Hyundai Ioniq 6

The roof cutlines for the door and trunk-fender are a bit unfortunate, but this is actually otherwise quite a nice design. Agree w/ the Saab 900 references, although I was getting more Porsche 911 vibes from the whale-tail spoiler. Will this be a hatch??? The sloping, short decklid would make a really stinky trunk-opening otherwise. Also, are cameras for side-view mirrors legal in the US??? And finally, I don’t like the “parametric” lights on the Ioniq 5, so I can’t imagine I’ll like them anymore here. Why not just give us LED light strips like everyone else?

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kind of looks like a cross between an EV6 and a panamera. sort of hot.

Hyundai and KIA ain’t playing around, that’s for sure.

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Probably works ok in a dark color though.

Doesn’t look like it and I agree, it’ll make for a small trunk opening

Still aren’t just yet so that’s probably not a feature coming to the US and wouldn’t be on lower trims anyway.

Seeing a wee Audi TT, a wee Porsche…love the sweeping lines and minimal edges.