2023 Honda Accord

Nope. Im on my second honda and after this redesign I wouldn’t bother, especially after prices have skyrocketed.
Pricing up a 2022 honda accord 1.5 sport (non special edition) and prices coming in between $400-$500…

Like many others I bought my last lease, saving hundreds a month by doing so!!! Smartest thing to do at the monent.

Given how the last gen has leased and how Honda is still going thru supply issues, the new Accord will continue to lease atrociously in 2023.

Long gone are the days of leasing a nice sport trim for ~$240 a month.

People hating on this car too, but understand this is the king in this segment. The Accord blows away every single competitor in its class, including the Camry. I think it’s the best Accord yet honestly.

Large, comfortable, LED everywhere, updated tech including LED instrument cluster, 48mpg hybrid efficiency etc. and I personally think it looks great.


At least it’s better than what Nissan managed on the Altima. +10 hp after 15+ yrs

For some reason, I was never a fan of the current generation Accord. I am not sure if the designers wanted it to look more like a hatchback and less like a sedan.

This is a common sentiment on LH for different cars but I think these price increases are something that eventually we are going to get used to. Over the past 2 years, inflation should result in prices going up 12.7%. It makes sense that a $36k car on 1/1/2021 is now a $40k car.

The MX30 is Sloooowwww. These numbers aren’t quick but should result in a sub 7 second 0-60. This is a reasonable amount of power for a family sedan. Of course I would like if they had kept the 2.0T engine option. But assuming they were committed to going for a single engine option for each trim I don’t think it would make sense for Honda to have increased cost and reduce fuel efficiency to increase power.

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i actually agree with you on this. looks like its a very big step up from the current model that i own, and if it were appropriately priced, i’d happily get another one.

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It’s a segment that shrinks every year. Of the people remaining, how many actually switch brands?

If the same hybrid and electrification tech flows to Acuras, Pilots, Odysseys, etc then it will be worthwhile for Honda Inc. Otherwise I don’t see the new Accord moving the needle for its parent.

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I don’t love the exterior, but it might look better in-person. It also isn’t stunningly ugly, so that should be enough for buyers.

I do like the interior.

I do wish auto makers would make a Civic-sized car w/ upper-trim Accord finishes and equipment. The Integra/A-Class/2-Series/A3 just don’t do it for me. Maybe a Jetta GLI…

Moving the needle in what sense? Even if the segment continues to shrink, I imagine it will still sell enough to make a business case for itself. And if it sells in high numbers, why spend a ton of money to make it a “stunning” car when the market might be just fine w/ “very good”?

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The midsize sedan segment might be shrinking but they’ll always be available . That and compacts too. The sedan segment is not going away.

These Accords sell themselves and Ubers/Lyft guys eat these up around the country.

Given these will get over 45mpg with the hybrid engine too.

I also like this segment - there are still some rarer options (that are nearly always crappy leases now) - Genesis G70, Volvo S60, Cadillac CT4, but the field is getting smaller and smaller.

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Ack, too expensive! I’m on a GLI budget, remember??? :wink:

Those are good choices, but I always wonder about the ride quality of Volvos (kind of brittle?). The swoopier styling of many newer upscale sedans (esp the G70) also doesn’t work well w/ my own building (short arms, long legs, so I have to sit pretty upright). Zee Germans still generally make sedans upright enough so that my head is hitting the headliner/pillar above the front door. But that really is a “me” thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

CT4 interior is not pleasant (and the base 4-cylinder doesn’t get good reviews for NVH, I think), but maybe I’d forget that b/c it’s supposed to be so swell to drive otherwise. :slight_smile:

The Stinger is great (a step up from a mainstream family sedan but not too fancy and I fit just fine), but that’s going the way of the dodo, alas.

I wish Acura would a true successor to the TSX. Even an Infiniti G20 type car might be nice.

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What’s always amazed me is that the Accord seems to be ahead of the Pilot or CRV for tech. 2018 Accord had a HUD and ventilated seats before those were available on either of those models. Now the new Pilot, the big money making three row SUV, has a seven or nine inch display while the Accord gets a 10.2 inch or 12 inch display. How does Honda justify putting the much better display only in the Accord? See the title of attached video.

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Nissan did the same thing with the Altima. Gets a 12.3” screen while the Pathfinder/Rogue get the much smaller screen.

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I’d also add that a hybrid and/or AWD Odyssey is way overdue.

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