2023 Ford Maverick orderbooks close tomorrow 9/20/22 at 10pm

Agreed - but my hybrid wrangler does and it can also tow 3500lbs

Duelly can tow over 10k+. How can you compare a mid 20k truck to 60k wrangler?

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Keep in mind you can join Mustang Club and get xplan on these if your dealer is cool with it. Caps doc fees and lowers your cost.

Mustang club membership that gets xplan is $35 a year, plan pricing take your invoice price (don’t include destination), multiply by .996, add $1770 for destination and the X-plan admin fee. Not a big discount but it helps. Especially if doc fee is high.

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Any idea as to the price increase from the 2022 to 2023?

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Honestly those jumps look incredibly reasonable, especially when you consider the price jump for the F-150 Lightning.

Appears the gas variant isn’t selling as well as the hybrid.

Too bad they dont offer AWD on these :man_shrugging:

They will for 24 along with phev.

Local dealer just called me back and said they’re trying to get my order in, but banks appear to have closed last night. Has anyone been told this? I’m going to try somewhere else but just wanted to check.

Bank closes tonight. Maybe they closed it early or limited orders. Try another dealer.

Just ordered another hybrid 30 minutes ago and rec’d email from ford saying it’s confirmed. So not sure what issue is with your dealer.

How much deposit to order?

Most dealers are 0 or maybe $500.

Both we $0 since I’m a repeat customer.

Just got off the phone with my dealer - she was almost in tears - said they took ~60 preorders but Ford just told them they are only going to get 14 allocations (she said if the 2022 rollovers are in that number they will only get 2!) she was pretty upset as she’s been working non stop the past few days.

Yea looks like they closed the books. No one knows if those allocations hold truth.

If they are Ford will send these customers to other brands. How Ford can not build these makes no sense.

I guess I am good

Is this including the 22s that still haven’t been delivered?

No. Allocations going forward for 2023.

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Snuck about 10 in at the buzzer for various F&F - tried to be strategic about which ones will actually be able to fill the orders.

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