2023 CX-5 Carbon AWD lease

In Ohio working a deal on a 2023 carbon edition cx-5 AWD. Attached offer sheet and my imputs to lease calculator. Thinking this is a good deal wanted another opinion!

First things first, do not put down $5000 on a lease. Paying taxes, dealer fees, etc is one thing but don’t put money down to lower your monthly payment otherwise. The discount on the car seems very weak as well. I am not sure what these are going for in the market place, but I would structure your deal differently if you are set on this car and ok paying $470-500 a month effective on this car. Verify the money factor and residual values of the car as well.

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Its 5k total DAS. Wife is set on the car. Want to keep payments near 300

Your deal sheet and calculator doesn’t match. The discount seems lower than your calc. Also it never make sense to put down down payment to keep a lower payment. Looks like you’re close though. Broker deals are around 5% off and you have to pay fees.

Wow, that’s bad. Back Track the downpayment. That’s $467 for a CX-5

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This and… would it be cheaper to use a broker and ship to OH?

Yeah I thought I saw a CX-5 Carbon at 10% off from a broker, @AutoNinjas?

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Happy to help if you’re down for a drive!