2023 BMW m340i x-drive money factor?


My current lease is expiring in a few months and I was considering a new lease of a 2023 m340i x-drive.

What’s the money factor for zip 80021(colorado)?

I have top tier credit and would max out MSDs on a 3 year 15k lease.

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Most of us go to the Edmunds forum for that info.

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Oh sweet, thanks!

Post a link to your best attempt at the LH calculator after getting the RV and MF.

.00190 is base, but likely won’t get that out of any CO shop.

Also, if you’re ordering a ‘23 now your lock will likely expire before the car arrives since there’s not really any available allocations whether you order NA or German built. (all spec/047)

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Yep, looks like I’ll be holding on to my 2020 m340i.

The dealer came back at around $1150/month after maxing MSDs and what not.

For $1k+ that’s how I spell Porsche, not 3-series.

I’ll wait out the insanity, I’m not in a hurry and not willing to pay 1.8x my current lease for essentially the same car (MSRP on 2023 was ~2k higher than my 2020)

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@pasko If you’re interested, I can check to see what a used vehicle lease would be on your current vehicle. You can leverage the equity in your car to reduce your payments in the short term. If you’re interested in learning more, shoot me pm. I’m located here in Englewood/Centennial, CO.

Hey Drew,

Thanks for the offer.

I’ll likely just buy it outright.

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Yeah it is nuts right now. Was helping a friend car shop in the ATL area. A pretty well equipped 430i was clocking in at like $900 per month. Absolute insanity. I’m thankful I have another year and some change before my lease is up.

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