2023 7-Series - is this really happening?

True, it was refreshing to see modernized version of the E38 and E39 in the current versions but now it seems like they are diverting from it again. :woozy_face: On the other hand, Mercedes went through a similar change with W210 first gen and eventually returned back to its roots. Maybe it is a designer’s thing…

E32 was my favorite…

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That pictorial is like watching a legendary artist rise (e23-e32), peak (e38), have an embarrassing mid-life crisis (e65), and then slowly slide into irrelevance (everything since).


This is gorgeous and bold and amazing and I want one:

RIP new S-Class.

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“RIP S-class” because the 7 is gonna eat it?


Have to agree. Those split lights are gonna grow on ppl faster than they think. That blacked out spec is :ok_hand:t4:

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The Germans keep raising the bar. The new 7 is bananas .

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7 series new design inspiration:

That Mondrian-ish design is still more visually interesting than the 7-Series. :stuck_out_tongue: The car manages to be overly-busy from the front and the stone-cold boring from the side. Honestly, I think the Genesis G90 does the vaguely 80s/clearly not designed in US thing much better.

Ugh, don’t get me started on MB models from the mid/late 1990s to the early 2000. I was lucky enough to grow up w/ a fair number of MBs during the mid-80s to early 1990s, and I was horrified but what came immediately after.

For MB, it was a $ thing. Motor Trend or Automobile said that the MB team talked about how short (by their usual standards) the development phase was the W210 and how much $ they saved. Yeah, it showed.


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I mean if it evolves to this I wouldn’t be mad

Blacked out works.

The 2-tone options, not so sure:

Two-tone seems to attempting a mainstream comeback.

Up next: vinyl tops?

When they can stop them from rotting out the roof in rust belt states maybe.

I was hoping for t-tops anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Configurator is open!!!

7 series


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4.4 V8 for an EV what a concept.

Hell of a REX ain’t it?

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That tears it… I’m waiting for the LCI.