2023-2024 Audi Q5 Deal Check

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Dealer has a $690 line item for dealer fee. Before I ask them to remove it, I’d like to know what it’s for, if standard or negotiable before I have the conversation. Any input is appreciated.

Do they also have a doc fee?

Is this a NY dealer? NY doc fee is capped well below 690. If they have a doc fee AND dealer fee, that’s BS.

It’s like what 175 now right.

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Doc fee is $175. If they have doc fee, Is dealer fee bs?

Also is $175 standard and can’t be negotiated for doc fee?

$175 is the max doc fee in NY. VA is typically $800-1000. Pay the $175 and don’t complain.

you’re probably dealing with audi of manhattan and their bs “admin fee”. don’t pay that.

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Lol, PA is now $449, and I will buck up and pay that all day compared to FL, or VA.

Vote with your wallet, negotiate it out, or go elsewhere with a better deal.

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No one is complaining. This forum is for education. Appreciate your comment

NYS Doc fee is one of the lowest in the entire country, just for a bit of background knowledge.

VA being $995 while across the river in MD is capped at $500 is always amazing to me. I mean yes crossing the river into MD is awful but $495 savings is $495 :joy:


I raise you $50 and go to MD.

Only if the deal is better to counteract the half tank of gas I’d burn.


Exactly my point for myself and PA vs. VA