2022 Tesla Model Y used price

2022 Tesla Model Y Performance

Odometer: 27000 miles
Upgrades: FSD, white seats

Looking at this used Tesla Model Y Performance. I know prices have been dropping but I found a motivated seller.

Do you think $49k is a good price? No idea where the market is and all the listings look inflated.

I think this is a good deal but want input from hackers.

27k miles on a 2022? What did this guy do, Uber it?


All the listings are inflated. 49k would likely sell instantly.

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Yea it’s high, I asked the same thing. He bought it and did a few road trips during Covid. He got it end of 2021.

Now doesn’t drive it and is just sitting around so wants to sell.

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@z0lt3c is the Tesla expert


Wow cool fact.

Lol but yea that’s all the info I got. No way to verify.

I guess assume the worst it was Uber. But car looks like in good shape. No damage, scratches etc.

I thought the world was flat.

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Trade in on this is about $36k. FSD is what $12k upgrade? Your tag says NJ so if you get that NJ tax break you have a good starting point to neg the price some.

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36k for trade in ?!?!?!?

That seems way lower than i expected. I thought it was 46k for trade in.

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Vroom is offering $40k. So I think it’s a bit higher no?

Is this Blue/Black/Maroon/Houndstooth Book Value?

Dude is making up numbers


FSD doesn’t add $12k to any used Tesla.


KBB instant offer 47k and I didn’t list any of the upgrades. Don’t know if these KBB offers get negotiated down at the dealer though.

So I think trade in value is around $45-46k

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IMO that’s a great price for a Model Y Performance. If you bought that same car from Tesla you’d be $60k+

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For 27 k miles ?

They have a 2020 with 24k miles on it for $60,600 so a 2022 would definitely bring more than that. Tesla has 6 used/certified Model Y Performances in the country right now ranging from $53,100 for a previously repaired on in PA to a 2021 with 13k miles for $64k. New ones start at $69,900 without FSD, add that and it is $84,990.