2022 silverado numbers dont seem right

The dealer cant adjust the rv. If youre seeing a different rv, its either for a different trim/lease term or theyre using a different bank.

Does ratefindr account for the different cabs, this is a LT TRAIL BOSS FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CREW CAB so OP mightbe plugging it into the finder wrong?

This looks like a GMF lease, with a MF markup on the backend by a few points, with the normal DE tax weirdness.

There are so many variables in the calculator. Im pretty sure i did it right. Either way i dont think its a good time to buy or lease if i dont have to. Rates are high across the board. Thank you for everyone’s input.

Silverado Trucks usually don’t have ‘deals’, though if you have costco thats another $1000 off the price.

There is a Conquest/Loyalty lease program for Silverados for $1750/1500 respectively.

If you are not set on Silverado but still want full size truck - look into Toyota Tundra - few were offered in the market place for cheaper than your quote.