2022 QX60 Reservation Preorder

so what your saying is there is a chance. :sweat_smile:

At the rate Carvana is going, it would surprise me that much to see a $180k buy out offer :rofl:

I dropped MF too low hah, I get 4k savings by using pathfinders values, over 39 mo, with payment in low 7**. :man_shrugging:

62% residual on a 60k msrp for 39 months would save you about $3400 with max MSDS, putting that sensory AWD still around $800/mo, assuming 7% tax.

Gotta love a rear diffuser that looks like quad pipes at first glance.

On an NA V6

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Looks like they went high end for the unboxing event at the Infiniti dealer…

A tent, a few empty $20 metal chairs and an empty hors d’oeuvres table with a white cloth :rofl:


Yup - event looked really cheap and like an afterthought. In the 45 min I was there, not another soul on the dealership.

How the mighty have fallen

When was Infiniti ever mighty?

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yes, during the bush administration.

Senior, Junior or Prescott?

Well, I’m sure most of these are destined for rental car lots.

“Sir we have great news! We’ve been able to give you a free upgrade into a QX60!”

“No no, thank you, but please I’ll just keep the VW Jetta!”


They finally released the programs.

36 Months 10k Miles

PURE FWD: .00210 / 61%
PURE AWD: .00186 / 61%

LUXE FWD: .00171 / 60%
LUXE AWD: .00190 / 61%

SENSORY FWD: .00206 / 62%
SENSORY AWD: .00190 / 61%

AUTOGRAPH FWD: .00203 / 61%
AUTOGRAPH AWD: .00201 / 61%

Is there a lease calculator for this?

you can build one. these are 39 month residuals. assume msrp and base mf. theres 2k q50 loyalty and 1k everything else loyalty.

36 Months now, they’re trying to switch over.

Quick and dirty for the LUXE AWD w/ Bose that I want in California:

:face_vomiting: is that $1000 for loyalty ?

The question is how long until they are available at 15-18% off MSRP with MF under 0.001? 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, never?

this is correct.

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