2022 QX60 Reservation Preorder

Just spoke to Infiniti dealer who is taking preorder reservations for 2022 QX60. I know these won’t be great deals since its new body style and the current market we are in . They want $500 which is refundable if I end up not taking vehicle but I wanted to ask the LHs if this makes sense to do? They are charging MSRP but had no numbers to give me related to leases. MF and Residuals are not available yet either. Should I just reserve and wait and see or not give deposit until i know MF and residual?

Expect these to be very expensive out of the gate.

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if you’re looking to lease it, you’re going to see some significant price shock. the idea of a pre-order is to finance / cash buy it, not lease. expect these to be in the 6s with ttl out for a base model, at least.

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Well 6xx does not sound terrible when quoted 5xx for a Durango.

I don’t think the pre-order is a bad idea. You can cancel it if the lease program stinks, but at least if the numbers by any chance are ok with you, then you have a car coming in. If the prices go crazy then you got it. This is assuming you really want the car.

Not to derail, but not understanding why wireless charging is an upper trim level accessory. You need to go to sensory to get it. (maybe its available as a standalone option). – Basically my dealer doesn’t even know

Your dealer should have a more specific idea of the lease programs on Monday the 11th.

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Did you get the lease programs today for qx60 2022?

sales person sent these to me. What does the lease payment with dealer gross mean? Is that the deal they will offer and nothing else or is that just a suggested payment plan? With 5k down none of those prices look attractive. 2021-10-11_13-23-42

Yea, that doesn’t look too inviting… 5K DAS + Taxes/DMV

My dealer wants $500 in non-refundable pre-order fee but then I also cannot pre-order. It’s a reservation to get in line to buy an incoming vehicle for $8K over MSRP. I asked him how many pre-orders he had and how many cars were incoming. He said a couple of pre-orders and 4 cars by Thanksgiving but that he was “expecting a lot of pre-orders to come in”.

I chuckled and said call me when you have one to drive and we can talk after that.

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My dealer said the $500 was refundable. thats weird

Any idea on how MSDs would impact price?

I think my dealer was overplaying his hand with BS.

PS - I went there for the QX60 preview event. Got some pictures.


Have not received the updated ones that were suppose to release today yet. Those numbers are the ones from August. It probably won’t be much different payment wise but we’ll at least have the RV & MF.

“Full Dealer Gross” = MSRP

def cheaped out on the r&d budget

Those prices are ridiculous but I understand the times. My wife wants one of these. But at those prices I think there is so much better. She loves Infiniti but I hate them. She’s not a brand snob either, doesn’t really care much for what she drives. Better for me though, haha. Good luck to anyone that pays those prices and I know a lot will.

Seems like with MSDs it should be possible to get into 6** for sensory awd.

MSDs aren’t going to knock $7-8k off the price.

All depends on RV/MF. Any recollection how qx60s compared to pathfinders in that regard? The latter is 62% for 39 mo right now.

The residual value, based on a $60k MSRP, would need to be ~300% of MSRP for max MSDs to bring the lease price down the $8k needed to be in the $600s for a sensory AWD.