2022 Nissan Leaf SV - $177/mo - $500 DAS

These numbers are from previous months. Programs have changed dramatically.

Can you aske your dealer how he locked ? i ordered one as well but it arrived in april and were only able to work with new numbers

Check DM please

Leased an SV Plus (62 kWh) in March for $225, all in.

$500 total down, 18 month, 10k miles, $36,895 MSRP but agreed to $600 off sticker. Ohio deal - no state EV rebate/credit like NJ.

Enjoy the car so far. Don’t enjoy public charging experience. Couldn’t find another EV close to the payment.


Nice. I kind wish I got the plus but with WFH, I don’t drive it much. Which means never public charging either. Unfortunately, NJ no longer provides rebates, just no sales tax. Got the rebate on my first EV but not this one.


Good to know on NJ. We didn’t have many choices for the trim. We wanted the basic S Plus 62 kWh, but no go. 62 seemed better for our use case only because we assumed 50% range degradation in cold months and wanted/needed enough of a buffer to feel comfortable.

I’ve seen 50% range drop in our 2020 Leaf (non-plus). It’s quite a remarkable drop in those cold temps on the highway. The deal you got is absolutely killer. We leased ours at a higher price and will be buying it out in october after the 24 months is over. With gas prices where they are it’s a no-brainer.

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It’s a great car so far. We take it the majority of the time.

I think Nissan is trying to increase units in operation, so there are some great 18-month lease deals on Frontier, Murano, and Leaf. I suspect one of the main reasons our leases are different is the recent UIO push and the artificially-sweetened 18-month offer. Nissan delivered over 4300 Leafs through Q1, 2022, and that’s not bad for a legacy product, so it seems to be working.

It doesn’t make sense to buy it out after our term is over, but I would consider something else from Nissan if the numbers are good.

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I don’t understand why people aren’t buying them more. Leaf is a proven very reliable car and the miles per kwh is better than on a lot of cars, too. I have a plug in volvo and it gets around 2 miles/kWh, which is barely more than half the miles per kwh I get in our leaf. Operating cost on these is great.

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I like our Leaf… dare I say sometimes more than our Model Y. :astonished:

I wanted a Tesla, but I don’t commute to work and couldn’t convince myself that it made sense to pay that much for a convenience car. Leased a Leaf when one of those crazy lease deals came out and couldn’t be happier. Feels like I have 80% of the Tesla for 10% of the price.

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i actually think Leaf build quality is better than 3/Y. I had both 3/Y and rattles galore on those. may be it improved recently but awful quality couple of years ago.

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