2022 Nissan Leaf SV - $177/mo - $500 DAS

Jumped on this back in March and put a deposit down on an incoming unit. Just got delivered this week but was locked in for March numbers. Never thought I’d be okay with $1000 of bullshit dealer add-ons, but this dealer was still cheaper than every other one I talked to around my area.


Congrats! Don’t forget $250 of EVGo credits to help out with charging.

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We bought a 22 Leaf same color.

Not sure why Leafs (Leaves?) get a bad rap here, rides better than a Model Y.


How can I get the same deal in LA?

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You can’t. April numbers have changed drastically.


Not really, it was roughly double on both price and DAS in California. Welcome to California!


I can confirm LEAF rides better than Kona EV.

Just curious. How this is possible to do that. Did You sign any contract before end of March, did they run Your credit?

Ioniq too.

I put a deposit down and submitted a credit app. I believe Nissan will lock you in for 60 days. Day of delivery they called and said I never submitted credit app. and I thought they were trying to pull some shit, but they just had me resubmit and still applied March #s.

More than likely they are making sure you aren’t already gone down the bad credit hole.

So if i did credit app in March and got already one LEAF i can lease another LEAF at March numbers? :roll_eyes:

Power to you! Hehe…doubtful but you never know.

I put a deposit down on a specific incoming unit in March. I believe they had the VIN, just not an ETA aside from some time in April.

What is ‘rides better’? Plush? Responsive? Cornering?

All of the above (from my very limited experience). The Ioniq (not the Ioniq 5) felt more like some “economy cars” I’ve rented. Seats are much more comfortable in the Leaf. Torque and power are the same, if not greater in the Leaf, yet the tires don’t lose grip as bad when slamming the pedal. But there’s a reason the Ioniq was the most efficient EV and I’m sure those shitty tires played a part.

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The best way I can describe it is you feel less of the road… so softer?

But some people like a sportier ride… I’m too old for that. :slight_smile:


I am in Massachusetts and trying to see if any dealer would match this deal on an SV delivered to 01420?

Post in Wanted Part 3 if you want any one to see it.

Thank you for the info