2022 mustang mach-e select

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2022 MUSTANG MACH-E SELECT BlueColor
Location: Santa Monica Ford

MSRP: Estimated Cash Price
Estimated Cash Due at Dealer: The total cost of your purchase including your Total Down Payment (sum of Current Available Incentives, Down Payment, Order Deposit, and Estimated Trade-In Amount).

Current mileage: 0

Hand over the new car which I put a deposit down but no longer interested
Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:
Brand new, haven’t even registered it. I thought I would want it but I am no longer interested.

Just a straight transfer of the order? At MSRP?

i dont think SM ford will allow someone else to buy it for MSRP


Orders are not transferable.


$500 on top for me :slight_smile:

Why dont you just walk away from it? I thought all deposits were refundable in CA

Tomorrow is the last day. wanted to offer it to someone if they wanted

Have you confirmed this with the dealer? I have a Premium in order with Bob Wondries and tried to have my friend pick it up at MSRP since I just got a 22. They gave me a hard no and said it’ll be a 5k ADM. SM Ford charging 10/15k ADM on cancelled orders currently.

You don’t own the order - the dealer does. Buy it and sell it.

Correct. Tried to transfer one of my orders before but dealer was going to markup $10K.

Ford wants 75% of orders to be name matched and to be sold at MSRP. If the original orderer doesn’t buy it… there is no incentive for dealer to sell it at MSRP to anybody else.

Often Ford dealers will want folks to order and walk away. I was offer $500 cash to place an order at a local dealership… I found them scummy before and have no interest in providing them any business.

Sold it to someone.
The sales person was a typical sales person. Thanks for the info

Pretty sure custom orders are non-transferrable. When I took delivery of my Mach-E, I had to register the vehicle at the same address I used for the initial online order – otherwise, the dealer couldn’t get the rates to lock.

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Just the rates? We have a similar process for BMW for people who were on the books for a long time on i4/iX orders to process exceptions to prevailing rates.

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Yup, I meant the rates and incentives at the time of order. If a buyer backs out, then of course the dealer could sell it to somebody else, but Ford may penalize the dealer if that happens too much.

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