2022 Lexus RX350 Lease Buyout advice!

I’m currently leasing a 2022 RX350 with 29,000 miles, and my lease ends in December 2024. I recently received an email offer from Lexus/Toyota Finance to either replace the car or buy it out, with no further lease payments required. The lease buyout price is $36,900, which seems quite attractive.

My question is, can I bypass the dealer to save some money on this buyout? Does Lexus offer a loan directly for lease buyouts, or am I required to go through the dealer? Any recommendations or advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

What would you actually receive in equity? The answer is not $36,900.

I’d start by calling LFS.

NMAC for example requires dealer for buy out but if you call in and request they’ll override that. They just need a ‘reason’

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:point_up: I was just typing something simliar. What happens when you log into your LFS account and attempt to start a self-service payoff process?

There isn’t one universal answer across leasing companies and states.

Even if you have to go through a dealer (see above), unless the offer says otherwise – which would surprise me – you can use any lender you want. (or pay cash).

Looks pretty favorable if you want to keep the car.

It’ll probably last forever. PM me if you want to buy a 2008 instead, as ours if for sale right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where ya at!!