2022 Jeep Rubicon 4xe Lease Deal I made

Oh boy. Why did you pay $5k in taxes? On a lease, taxes are paid monthly.

($550x36)+$13,000= $32800 total cost of lease

Plus $43k buyout = $75,800 total cost for a $65k Jeep with a $7500 tax credit;

meaning $75,800 for a $57,500 Jeep - that’s about a $18k loss.

Had you done it right, even at MSRP, you would have 0 payments for 3 years by using your equity from P-Wagon.


Between the cap reduction, rebate, warranty bs (on a lease? I’m guessing Tire and wheel, lease end wear, permaplate etc and the monthly payment tax they’re probably not that far off from 5K in tax overall if they reside in a high tax city and county.


OP, lesson learned. Now you have no excuse not to get a good deal next time around.

Yeah you got taken to the cleaners, but don’t dwell on it. Enjoy the car and the time saved going to the gas station.


They didn’t match the blue book value since they knew they were going to make a ton on the Jeep. I’m sure if you told them last minute you only wanted to sell the Ram they would have not given you what you wanted.

Why did you get an extended warranty on a leased vehicle? I’m confused. Buy it at the end if you plan on keeping it. I question keeping a gen 1 hybrid as I suspect what’s available in 3 years will be significantly better.

Really interested to see what else made up that $9k extra especially since there is no acquisition fee this month.

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This can’t be real but if it is…

You overpaid by somewhere between $12-18k. You could have ordered one from someone here and rented a car from Turo while you waited (best case). Or struck a deal immediately for a little above over MSRP (the easy way). On top of that you seem to have bought a $3k extended warranty for a leased car. How could all of this happen, particularly since you’re aware of this site?

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Wow, last night I thought he paid a little too much for a $74k Jeep. This morning I find out it was actually way too much for a $65k Jeep. Was the actual selling price MSRP or over? Guessing they marked up the rate to max and made healthy margins on all of the after sale items. Also this trade - no clue what those are worth but given everything else on this deal, wonder if he let that go too cheap also.

Which brings me back to original question. How could you get hosed this bad and then magically stumble across this site the next day? And where was that curiosity 10 mins before you were signing the deal?


I’m sure he googled “Wrangler 4XE” and this site was the first thing that popped up lol


But why would you do that after the fact? :slight_smile:


Some additional context to this deal. I signed on (2) 4xes Monday. A Sahara with $63,xxx MSRP and a Rubi with $61,xxx MSRP. My monthly payment on both is $782/month and I paid $0 DAS and did not provide a trade.

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Lots of beating the dead horse here.


If anyone expresses concern for the high-volume dealers who don’t make much off leasehackr deals/flips, keep in mind that even one of these horrendous deals makes up for 10 of ours. And there are many more of these.


We should all be thanking OP and the 100s of thousands like him. They are feeding the 4xE demand to give the rest of us the option to flip.


If you’re on this forum longer then 1 day you don’t need anyone telling you if you got a good/bad deal.
Enjoy the Jeep, welcome to the club!

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Welcome to the community

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OP can flip the 4xe at a minimal lost…?

I was 99% certain I could guess the contents of this thread, just by reading the title. Sometimes I hate when I’m correct.

@Stewart31 OP - congrats on the new Jeep! You’ve reached the right place to discuss all things 4xe. Post some photos & please reach out to us ~prior~ to finalizing your next deal.

I think everyone is missing a key point here. OP said he was paying $1k in gas per month for his Ram Truck.

Calculating backwards, $1000 gives you 166 gallons of regular gas at California prices ($6 per gallon). Assuming his truck gave him 10 mpg (EPA states 12 mpg for city on a new Ram 2500), he is driving 1660 miles per month or nearly 20,000 miles per year. I don’t see how a 10k miles per year Jeep lease is going to help him here.

@Stewart31 How much do you actually drive per month? I honestly think you might be saving a lot of money by just getting rid of this Jeep now and getting a small economy car if you don’t need a truck.


Unlikely if hes starting $15000 behind.

Which car did you trade in?

I was wondering this too - especially how long his commute is. Even if able to charge at work it doesn’t help a ton if your commute is 80 miles. Or if his work is like mine we have 6 chargers but I only get once or twice per week because they are in quite high demand