2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease Deal Feedback

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Hi Expert,

I am from WA (Seattle area) and need your feedback on this lease deal

You can order one for thousands less.

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What do you mean? Sorry not clear what you mean by you can order…

My previous car got totaled so I cannot wait for custom order to arrive if that you meant

Can you rent a car short term? On turo etc? Look at the reward vs expense, if a rental will cost you less than this terrible deal, consider it an option.

@AutoNinjas is doing 12% off orders. You’ll get a 12x discount, to wait.

It’s difficult to assess bc there are not a lot of in-stock GC 4xEs at dealerships.

Ya but then you have to pay a ridiculous shipping cost :melting_face:

And the order would be for a 2023. As I recall, last year 2022s (for wranglers) started production late (December) and not a single order order was delivered until the subsequent year….

Even though orders were placed in 2021, no one got their 2022s until Jan/Feb 2022. This is no different.

Unless the dealership is doing some creative works, this should be a gas at a 53k msrp. I’m pretty sure the lead times are a bit better on those, I could be wrong not my area of specialty.

Nope, even gas GC has not been discounted much due to delayed production. In-stock won’t go lower than invoice.