2022 GMC Sierra... Reservation Required

From what I understand this is just a mid-cycle refresh. New grill, head lamps, tail lamps.

Pretty bold to be asking for reservations for something that won’t showup until Spring 2022.

Hopefully they’ll update the interior

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Seems like where things are headed.

Consumers increasingly demand total customization, it’s a start to screw dealers over and bring primary client relationships/data into HQs, and the chipocalypse will start to teach better inventory efficiency.


It is getting new interior just like the 2022 Silverado did. Huge upgrade.

It’s about time gm puts some effort into it

Is this confirmed… You really think they would produce a teaser video and not show the new interior?

After searching further, there seem to be spy shots of the new interior out.

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Yes, see spy shot above. That is from May, Denali trim.

Major interior upgrade is the word.

Has gmc’s chrome reservoirs gone empty

It’s a teaser with zero substance. I mean it’s all blinding lights and not even the logo on the grill is visible. This way they can do a few more extended cuts. But I have no idea. All I know is that I’m very excided over all the updated trucks that may or may not show up in 2022.

The “official” reveal is on the 21st, so we should see more actual information then. I am a bit intrigued by this. I’ve always liked the exterior styling of the sierra but the interior has constantly let it down.

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Another hype email but still no concrete proof of a new interior.

Looks like tomorrow is the day

Except for the spy pic of the new interior.

Guess you will believe when you see tomorrow.

Starting pricing for the 2022 GMC Sierra lineup will range from $32,495 for a work-oriented pickup to $80,395 for the Denali Ultimate. The automaker is also proud of the Sierra Duramax 4x4’s maximum [tow] rating of 13,000 pounds, a best-in-class number among light-duty four-wheel-drive diesel pickups.

I can’t believe they left the single din head unit in the design.