2022 G550 Available White w/ Black Available

The following information is a 2022 G550 Available at $15k over MSRP White with Black interior $141,750 MSRP

$2499 plus tax 48 months
$2615 plus tax 42 months
$2789 plus tax 36 months
10,000 miles per year
$15,000 DAS + $T&L

Call or Text for exact quote 949-544-1669


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Bookmarking so I can buy this off lease for $6k in 2026 after someone eats the $135k depreciation for the first 4 years :grinning:


At this point you can get a G63 for less markup.


At 48 months the payments (roughly) total $30K/year (+tax) or $120K in total, PLUS the $15K due at signing. That’s $135K in payments + the sales tax on $120K in your state.

Right now, there are far better deals that can be had, than this one, IMO.


Let me know if you want to just pay cash at $15k over MSRP. Thats cool too.

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@Anthony_Lopez out of state ok? Montana?

Someone sell me a G Squared !


Yes montana is okay.

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Am I missing something? You’re paying like 95% of total MSRP to lease it? Does anyone actually do this? How stupid would someone need to be to do this, especially on a vehicle that is holding value well at the moment…

I’m not trying to be sarcastic, I’m honestly confused.


Stupid and G wagon go hand in hand

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Hi Everyone. this G550 will be here before the end of the month.

$20k over MSRP which is a very fair price considering the market!

Lease / Cash or Finance

call or text 949-544-1669

@Clutch You have anyone thats wants a White G550?

Outdated thread.