2022 Frontier SV Crew. Does this look Good?

Reached out to a few local dealers to see if anybody can get me an 18M / 10K miles around $250 per month. Received the attached from local dealer in writing. It is missing a few items such as details on the car but the MSRP of $39K for $250 per month makes sense?

Feedback Appreciated.

I think this looks like a great deal it’s an SV. Have you tried using the calculator?

I know down payments are frowned upon here, but for ~$3000 DAS you could get close to $100/month and would be in a great spot for a 6 month lease extension after 18 months.

This is one of the better frontier deals i’ve seen given that it’s an SV and not an S

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This is for an SV. Obviously need to get it in writing.

I also a 2019 Nissan Rogue with 1 payment left. Not sure best way to handle that part just yet as I own right under 15K and the car has 34.5K miles. Got a Vroom quote last month for just over 20K

Correct me if I’m wrong but that offer doesn’t make sense with a 93% rv and no discount or money down. Are they quoting an expensive S

Or trading in the Rogue and rolling the equity?

This is for an SV. Just need to get it in writing. Haven’t been able to throw into calculator since I don’t know a few key factors. Residual, MF, etc

Without fees and tax. Only acquisition I get $361. For 18/10 93% rv and .00227 MF

I know it’s for an SV, that’s what I was saying lol

Take this quote with a grain of salt. The best S deals are about 250-$300 effective. So a lot of doubt on an SV for this. However if it’s true I will take 2

Edit: also the closed S deals are for 34-35k strippers

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I am not trading in the Rogue.

Did they assume you were?

No. Made 100% sure they treated the transactions separately.

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That’s a lot of strippers.


Got an update from the dealer. They are quoting a SV Glacier with Tech Package. Here is their direct response:

The taxes and fees are included, however we do require the first month payment and our doc fee be paid at signing. Our doc fee is $299 and the first month payment depends on which option you would chose below. The RV is $38,664.45 at 96%. The MF is .00227. I have also attached a proposal with the vehicle information.

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The RV should be 93%. But I would run with the deal and have them figure it out.

I am waiting with bated breath because I’m going to try to swing a similar deal, except for with a one pay, on a Glacier SV with Tech and Convenience package tomorrow.


Put some money down and make that monthly lower. Chances are you may want to extend this after 18 months at the same monthly payment.


Bingo! That’s the hack here.

$250ish a month with first month and doc due at signing on a $39k unit? No brainer.

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