2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Order Bank Closing 4/8/22

How are you able to sell at this theoretical MMR? The quotes I’ve gotten are nowhere near this

I believe the MMR is the avg SELLING price (at auction?) so not sure it is repeatable as a trade in. IDK about online.

Nice, I’m prob ordering a 23 GT with intentions of keeping it. But the selling a kidney reference is relevant, it’s probably going to be 1k a month after a few thousand down and incentives.

Just for your reference. I have the GT at 66k MSRP.
I got the Ford Balloon loan, with April rates of 1.4% APR and $2k in ford incentives.

After 5k down, I am paying $1100 a month. I would get the 7500 in Fed rebate back thu

Yea 1100 a month is nuts for a Mach E. I put 2500 down and I’m still paying 670 a month for a select, Option plan also with April rates, 2k incentive and no sales tax.

No sales tax is what is saving you. Eff CA taxes man

Don’t worry, NJ property taxes make up for it.


There’s no point comparing monthlies, especially across different tax and interest rates.

What matters is TCO (total cost of ownership).


In CA, it’s just too high…

On the way home with premium Mach e in star white (at sticker). Came out from lunch and three mustangs clustered next to us. Didn’t realize they did that like Jeeps. Made me feel accepted.


Thanks for the rates update.
I’ll have to remember those figures when I get mine using price protection.
Mine was ordered 4/22 and still in order stage.

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I ordered a Select w/ C/T option and still in order phase.
Like to have it come around November / December because on the same month I ordered the Lightning and it came in 2 weeks ago.

If anyone is curious:
Took my 2022 GTPE to Carmax for an appraisal. Ordered in Nov 2021.
MSRP(ordered): $70,530
MSRP(price hike): $73,205
Appraisal: $69,000

A Ford dealer offered (unofficially) $74,000 a month ago. Not sure if Carmax is lowballing, concerns due to recall, or car market is cooling. I’ll probably check a few other places.


Market is indeed cooling! I saw a drop of $7k on one of my cars in one week from CarMax offer. Even other online used car dealers are dropping low numbers compare to last month.

Do we know if Mustang Mach-E will be screwed like Fisker/Rivian etc with the new law?

If anything they’re benefiting because Ford won’t be capped and most of these are under 80k. On the battery component of the credit :man_shrugging:t2:

Just got a Mach e gt on ground for 2000 over

New England buyers


check with ford chat if your priority code has been changed to a 01. speculation on the mach-e forums is that if you have an 01 right now that it will be built as a '22. Just checked mine. Thursday will clear this up more


When did you get your VIN?

I don’t have it yet, I had to use my dealer sales code and order number in the ford chat to have the rep give me the priority code. Not sure if online orders have that information. You only get a VIN when you officially get scheduled which happens on Thursday’s