2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Order Bank Closing 4/8/22

Is balloon financing up to the dealer ? Or across the board ?

I got linked up to a few dealers but trying to figure out the best way to get a low monthly.

For those that have driven these, any must add ons/ subtractions ?

How do you claim the federal tax credit? Is it deducted from purchase price, or has to filed in yearly tax return?

Sadly only a handful of in-stock Mach-E’s here in SoCal, and the dealers all want huge markups on them.

Similar story with IONIQ 5: readily available at MSRP in NY, but sold within minutes of arrival with an ADM in CA. Even worse, Hyundai doesn’t do orders.


It reduces the federal tax liability that you owe to the IRS. See Form 8936 shared above.


The lack of seat adjustment in the Select model was probably the biggest issue for me. Unfortunately, there is no upgrade for it. All trims have the same adjustments. It is a goofy oversight, IMHO.

But, otherwise, I’d stick with AWD. Makes a significant acceleration difference (5.2s vs 5.6s).

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If we order today, do we lock in the current programs (like bMW) or would have to see whats available at the time of delivery?

Also , I’ve been told by 2 dealers in norcal that if I order thru the dealer, I don’t have to pay the deposit

You lock in price and can have incentives available at time of order placement or at the time of delivery. Whichever is better. Although many have had difficulty convincing their dealer of that fact at the time of delivery. YMMV.


Thanks to our $6/gallon gas!

Chapman just told me Mach-e order banks have been closed for a few weeks :man_shrugging:

Sir this is a Wendy’s


I was supposed to place an order with a dealer yesterday but my kid fell sick so decided to delay it. But good to know, I’ll go in and do it today

That is incorrect. Premium and California Rt 1 model orders did indeed close a few weeks ago. The only ones remaining (until today) were the Select and GT. But not sure it is worth arguing with them if that is their position.


It says it right on the Mach E homepage but you can still make an order.

Due to high demand, 2022 Premium and California Route 1 models are not available for order. Extremely limited inventory available at selected dealers.

Just saw this on FB. If true, all the more reason to get those orders in today!!

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Is pin needed at time of ordering or at paperwork time?

At time of paperwork works but not all dealers will accept it in general. Best to confirm ahead of time.

Local dealer confirmed they accept x-plan and do a $500 refundable deposit.


Think I’m going to put in an order for a select awd with comfort/tech


Same…Have a 4xe on order but I think I’m hoping on this too. :joy:

Confirming with local dealer also. Select seems like the best value but the GT is tempting for sure