2022 Federal EV credit/per household or per person?

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Hello EV experts-
Sorry to trouble you for a quick question. I have an EV (purchased this year) which I will be claiming Federal credit in the tax return. Could my wife (Jointly filing) also get a federal credit for this year, if she buys a EV. Is it 1 credit per person or 1 credit per tax return

Many thanks in advance and sorry if this was already asked

At least in 2022 you are only limited by your tax liability - meaning if you have more than $15k in tax liability you can get 2 - anything less than that will reduce your credit as it’s not refundable

thanks buddy. I had read (misread) it somewhere that it is 1 per person, which is what had thrown me off and wanted to check. Unfortunately but thankfully my tax liability is more than 15k :wink:

Federal EV Credit 2022 has no limit.
2023 has limit 1 per person I believe.

State rebates usually do have a limit