2022 f150 xlt deal. nj

MSRP - 56265
Rebates - 1500
Trade in Equity - 6500
APR 3.98%
Tax rate 8.875

Opinions ?

One thought experiment worth conducting these days is to assume this is the new normal. Banks are fully aware of just how much consumers are willing to pay to lease cars. Now that that cat is out of the bag, it’s not going back any time soon.

So compare the total cost of:

(A) doing 2 of these leases over the next 6 years. That’s $56,xxx.


(B) buying the car and extending the warranty to 6 years. You’d own all the equity. Your depreciation would be (purchase price + TTL - the value of the vehicle).

How much is a 6yr old F150 worth?


56k F150 with 28.5k down for $596/mo? Am I reading that right?

I’d recommend doing the trade in separate from the deal. If i’m interpreting this sheet correctly, you’re sitting at an effective payment of $1,387/mo for an F150 XLT. That’s just asinine


you’re not reading it correctly.

Trade Allowance minus Trade Payoff would be the down payment here. It actually looks like they’re giving you a pretty decent number on the trade, but I think the APR is marked up here.

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What’s msrp? Have you gotten your Ram appraised elsewhere? Fords don’t usually lease well. You’d be better off looking at another Ram or Tundra.


Thanks for correcting me!

So with a 6500 down payment it’s an effective $776/mo, with a total cost of almost 28k on a 56k car.

OP- have you checked out what the vehicle would cost to finance? You’d have more flexibility and could dump it after 3 years regardless. I know it’s different strokes for different folks and we’re in a different market than before, but I wouldn’t want to be paying almost $800/mo for a pickup.

If you don’t care about brand you could reach out to @Jrouleau426 for a tundra at a much cheaper monthly

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You can do the 2022 tundra for like 625 with msds all in. 58k msrp.

Or 700 no deposits. Message me if interested.

Ty all for the insight greatly appreciated.

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